How It Works

1. Select

Choose your products.

Whether you sort by brand, style, class, or price, choose the right item from the products library, it's that easy.

2. Account

Create your Designer Account.

Click on MEMBER LOGIN in the upper left hand corner of the home page and then SIGN UP NOW. Fill in the required information including a copy of your Resale Tax Certificate or Business License. Once you’ve chosen and confirmed a password, click SUBMIT. It will take 1-2 days to set up your account so please be patient.

3. Order

Place your order.

Ordering is sooooo easy! Once logged in, click on a product and you’ll go to the Product Details page to view product information and pricing.  At this point, click  the significant discount awarded to DHS members.

4. Delivery

Your products are shipped.

No matter what part of the country, delivery costs are included in the cost of the product to a receiving company’s loading dock. We can arrange white glove delivery to a customer’s home for an added charge.